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Register: Meet Utilities Using Modern Tech Platform to Advance Efficiency & Conservation

CS Week Virtual Touch Presentation Evolving the Meet New Energy & Water Conservation Goals September 16, 2021; 3PM - 3:46PM EST

There are significant pressures to get utility customers actively involved in energy efficiency and water conservation. To help utilities with this effort, Harris Utilities extended their portfolio of solutions in 2021 with the acquisition of the Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE®) platform from Aclara Technologies. During this presentation, Harris and its utility customers will discuss the evolving face of conservation in the U.S., what utilities are doing about it, and Harris’ current and future investments in DSM, efficiency, and conservation solutions. In addition to Bryce Cooper, president of the Harris Utilities Group, and Adam Smith, vice president of UCA, the session features interviews with the following special guests:

  • Garrett Corpsman, Communications Director, Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative

  • Marsa Wages, Utility Billing Coordinator, Town of Prosper, Texas

  • Dana Mattox, Utilities & Billing Services Director, City of Stillwater, Oklahoma


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