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Our Commitment to the Environment

Harris Computer Systems and Silverblaze are deeply committed to environmental sustainability. Because the public cloud is key to reducing energy consumption among data centers, we are actively pursuing new energy-efficient SaaS solutions that use renewable energy sources to power their data centers.  


ACE is a 100% SaaS, multitenancy solution built on the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud Service. According to the report developed by Microsoft and WSP, “The Carbon Benefits of Cloud Computing,” “The Microsoft Cloud is between 22 and 93 percent more energy efficient than traditional enterprise datacenters, depending on the specific comparison being made. When taking into account our renewable energy purchases, the Microsoft Cloud is between 72 and 98 more carbon efficient.”  


The report attributes these savings to Microsoft’s commitment to IT Operational Efficiency, IT Equipment Efficiency, Datacenter Infrastructure Efficiency, and Renewable Electricity Procurements. Details can be found here: Microsoft sustainability – Microsoft Azure.  

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